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What we eat and our digestion is responsible for our happiness hormone production.

If you want to fix your emotions and how you feel in your body, YOU must fix your gut using the methods we're sharing in this book!*

And… We've consistently helped hundreds attain happiness, joy & fulfillment for the last 7 years*.

Get Your Copy of EATING FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Shipped to Your Door for Only $6.95!

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5-Star Reviews
"It's so easy to follow & I feel so much lighter & more joyful!" -Patty, Depression & Cancer Thriver

"I am healthier than I’ve ever been. Mentally, physically, emotionally stronger than any previous versions of myself." -Much love, Julian

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Learn The Secrets of Eating for Joy & Bliss Without Spending Years Learning!

In this book you'll get 60 pages of research directly from peer-reviewed scientists on how these foods can improve your emotional state and other diseases that are, in-part caused by emotional imbalances, such as heart and kidney disease, cancer, inflammatory processes like chronic pain & fatigue, and autoimmune problems like thyroid malfunctions. You'll get an easy-to-follow shopping guide, meal planning help and learn about what time of day to eat which kinds of foods! You'll even learn about how to start fasting in a way that is safe and healthy.
Our clients are raving about how easy it's been to change the way they feel by changing what they eat and when they eat it! Studies have shown that changing your diet can be harder than changing your religion! So, make it easy on yourself to find joy, a feeling of lightness, and renew your sense of fulfillment in life with Eat For Your Happiness.

Here’s How Our Patients & Clients Feel

“When I first met my oncologist; I was told I might have 6 months to live, if I didn’t accept treatment. Everything felt out of my control. Within days of being diagnosed at stage 4 with metastatic melanoma, I was starting immunotherapy treatments. I was very optimistic the treatments would have a positive effect, but I also felt like I needed to do whatever I could to increase any chances of efficacy.
Taking control of my diet empowered me when everything else in my life seemed to be unraveling. Doing this not only motivated me to take ownership of the aspects of my health I could still control; but, it also gave me the peace of mind to accept those I could not. Without fear of the future, I was able to ground myself in the present. Everyday became a blessing, and the journey; at least seemed, a little less arduous.
Through the motivations of clean, healthy eating habits; I was not only able to minimize some side effects from treatment, but I was also able to develop the skills and habits necessary to make positive lifestyle changes long term. I believe that these lifestyle changes allowed my body to be well nourished and strong enough to endure the rigors of treatment.
At the time of writing this, I am 1 year in remission and 2+ years since my initial diagnosis. I was lucky to respond to treatment, and although there are many variables that go into such outcomes. I believe my diet played a positive roll in my success. Furthermore, I believe these motivations have allowed me to remain successful in the time since ending active treatment. I can honestly say now, as a terminal cancer survivor, I am healthier than I’ve ever been. Mentally, physically, emotionally stronger than any previous versions of myself." Much love, Julian
"I absolutely love this book and am so grateful to be feeling like myself again! After my husband passed I cried every day for a year. It was food and cooking that pulled me out of it." 
"I was really lost, depressed, anxious and stressed to the max with work. I was able to implement this with ease and am so relieved! Thank you so much!" -Mandi
"I'm not a big cook so was really happy to be able to easily find ways to not only eat and feel better emotionally but also eliminate my acid reflux. Thanks Dr Rhi & Cia" 

Meet The Authors Behind The Book

Hey, we're mother-daughter team, Cia Enos, Scientist & Happiness Hypnotherapist and Dr Rhiannon Hutton, Master of Eastern Medicine & Doctor of Chiropractic. After struggling with depression, PTSD, anxiety and mood swings we decided there simply had to be more that we could do for emotional wellbeing than just take pills.

Although we may not look it, we are EXTREME FOODIES! Between us, our joke with Dr Rhiannon at the dinner table is "Feed the worm," and one of her professors once told a boy sitting next to her in college "If you want to date this girl you're going to have to bring your wallet, because this girl can eat!"

As prior athletes and world foodie travelers, it was so important to us that food felt good, tasted good, and really warmed our hearts. From our family to yours, here's to your happiness.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 949-566-4056.

"The Authors Have Given Us A Profound Gift"

"Revolutionary and evolutionary all at once! The authors' presentation is clear and well written, making this method easily accessible in today's world of science and technology. The logic is compelling! It promotes optimal health, both individually and globally, without sacrificing great tasting food. All of the recipes and meal planning guidelines are right there in the book. The authors have given us a profound gift that could literally change the world."
-Stefanie, Verified Amazon Purchase 5.0 out of 5 stars

"Real, Raw, extraordinary information from authors who have actual experience in this topic! This book is the exception! Extremely practice! It will definitely change your life!"
-Vicky, Verified Amazon Purchase 5.0 out of 5 stars

Without The Strategies and Techniques I’m About to Give You, There’s a 98% Chance You Won't Be Able To Achieve A Better Emotional State

That's because our happiness hormones, like serotonin and dopamine are formed in our digestive system and require you to change your diet for proper production. If you have any inflammation in your body it's causing unhappy emotions AND you can guess that it's from your digestive system because 70% of your lymph (which eliminates toxins and prevents inflammation) are in your gut!

And, if you're stuck in stress mode like the majority of people are, you are using what's known as your Sympathetic Nervous System, which shuts down your Rest and Digest or Parasympathetic Nervous System. This means that your Gut Brain CANNOT WORK properly. 

The protocols in this book teach you how to reset your Rest and Digest Nervous System, Re-activate your Gut Brain, and find easy ways to eat for your happiness, health and even increase your lifespan!

What I Guarantee You'll Learn In This Book

  • How to eliminate leaky gut syndrome and create a happy microbiome. The relationship between your gut microbes has a huge impact on your happiness. In fact, certain bacteria can even control your cravings and how you feel!  
  • ​How to decrease inflammatory toxins. Our diet largely determines our level of inflammatory hormones, which in turn controls our emotional state and how much energy you are wasting on fighting internally instead of thriving!
  • How to quickly reset your happiness hormones. The science of fasting tells us exactly how it resets your serotonin, known as "the feel-good hormone." We'll teach you what to eat and when to optimize your happiness hormones.
  • ​What to eat and when for improved circadian rhythms. When your gut isn't happy, you can't sleep! Start improving your internal clock to maximize your happiness hormones right away.
  • How to increase your lifespan and live happily. When you're depressed, anxious and stressed you forget that you want to live a long and healthy life. These methods will renew your love for life and give you longevity and wellbeing. 

What You Won’t Learn In This Book. No...

  • Confusing, hard to follow recipes
  •  Diet plans that don't let you ever cheat (We all need a cheat day sometimes!)
  • You won't be stuck trying to figure it all out by yourself.
  • Odd dieting methods that prove to be detrimental in the long run.
You will get ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED to succeed. Like a grocery shopping list, meal planning guide, international spicing guide, intermittent fasting schedule, and more!

Check out what others have experienced from following this method...

Here are just some of the miraculous results we've seen

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"Our 8-year old was able to come off her steroids and started playing with other children again!"-Grace

Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee. Your results will vary. This diet is not a replacement for psychological or medical care. You MUST CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PHYSICIAN before changing medications.
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I've Never Been So Happy! My Whole Family's Life Has Changed and My Brain Tumor Just Disappeared. -Teri

Success is dependent on multiple factors. The above is not a guarantee. Your results will vary. This diet is not a replacement for psychological or medical care.

Renew your passion, joy & bliss...

Remember what it was like to wake up feeling good and thinking about what you want to accomplish that day? This feeling can only happen when you're body, especially your liver (what's in charge of converting all of your food) isn't overloaded all night long!

Sound like overwhelming science? It's actually really simple. And, we'll teach you all the tools you need to ensure your organs are happy, so you can be emotionally healthy.

If you've ever been through a traumatic situation, you most likely need to reset your nervous system to your rest and digest state so you can heal emotionally, as well as physically.

We've included everything you need to reduce depression, anxiety and mood swings, and increase your love of life and food!

This is NOTHING like other diets you may have tried!

A part of you is probably feeling like you've tried other diets and fads before, right?! We can almost guarantee you haven't tried this because it has been kept secret and swept under the rug. Why? Because, it works! And, not just for emotions but for all kinds of other disease processes. You might even ask.. are other diseases caused by

So what is this secret formula? It's a combination of knowing what to eat and when, fasting at certain times, and eating foods that are low in a certain toxic protein called Methionine. With over 40,000 research articles found on PubMed (the international search library for scientific research). This diet has already been proven to work! All you need to do is apply the concepts we've made simple and easy to follow. 

Happiness is a basic need, like food, water and shelter and we ALL deserve to know how to achieve it! No matter what you've been through, been diagnosed with, or other tools you might be using, this method can only help improve your overall health and happiness.  

Here’s a Peek at What You Get 
Over 175 Pages of Research on Food + Recipes

And that's just the beginning... 

We're Also Including These Exclusive BONUSES:

  • BONUS 1 - Stop Stress in Its Tracks with our Nervous System Reset Meditation Audio
  • BONUS 2 - Reactivate your Happiness Hormones with our Heart Chakra Qigong Exercise Video
  • BONUS 3 - Effortlessly Find Diet Mastery with our Quick Start Grocery Shopping Trip Video Exclusive
  • BONUS 4 - Get Blissed Out with our Paradigm Shifting Herbal Tea Recipe

We Purposely Wanted This to Be a “No Brainer”
for You…

We love sharing our knowledge of food for emotional freedom and know how much our level of happiness affects all other aspects of our life including our relationships, work-life and finances. 
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  • Bonus 5 - Enjoy Ordering Out with Our Restaurants-Made-Easy Ordering Guide

So Why Are We Giving All of This Away for Free?

First let me say, there’s no catch. We're not going to sign you up for some type of membership automatically, or charge you any type of hidden fee.

There are actually TWO big reasons why we're doing this:

Number 1, we healed our depression, anxiety and PTSD using this method as well as chronic pain and cancer!

Number 2, we've had so many friends, family members, patients, and clients that have reported such amazing results, we want to help as many people as possible...

And It’s All Backed By Our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love this cookbook and bonuses that I’m willing to PAY you to try it. Here’s how that works…

If you follow all of our methods included in this book for just 7 days and don't feel a shift in your wellbeing, we'll refund you just for trying it out.

Now Is the Time to Do Something That Can Give You Happiness and Health In Measurable Time

I’m so confident you’ll love this book and bonuses that I’m willing to PAY you to try it. Here’s how that works…

If you try all of the methods and recommendations in this book for 7 days and don't feel an improvement in your emotions, we'll refund the shipping and handling just for trying it out. We have grown to love the foods and methods in this book and know you will, too!

What People Are Saying About Our Book

"I was in so much pain, both in my body and my emotions. I didn't know I could feel so good. It's like my life and my body feel not just happier but somehow more flexible, too!" -Dan

"I really needed to change the way I was eating and knew it, but I felt totally overwhelmed. This book was such an easy guide to know exactly what to eat and what not to. I'm so grateful I had access to this when I was having such a hard time getting myself motivated." -Michelle

About Dr Rhiannon & Cia

  • Peer-review published doctor & research scientist
  • ​Both graduated valedictorian
  • ​Doctor of Chiropractic
  • ​Master of Eastern Medicine
  • Eastern and Western Herbalists
  • ​Hypnotherapist & Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner 
  • ​Together, we ran 500 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Grand Canyon
  • ​Have committed our lives to helping as many people as possible return to a state of joy, happiness & purpose
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Dr Rhiannon Hutton DC, MAOM and Cia Enos, MS, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner
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